Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will it blend?

It's sad to admit that I've spent the past 20 minutes watching nearly 10 episodes of "Will It Blend?" Yes, a blender company's shameless marketing tactic - for which I'm surprised the company has not yet been sued by some crazy parent whose silly kid burnt the house down trying to blend gasoline and cigarettes - but somewhat entertaining nonetheless, and very reminiscent (some might say "rip-off") of Letterman's "Will It Float?"

I think Tom should localize his commercials, and perhaps in the Korean version, he might blend some kimchi and a TOEIC book...? Hmph, I'm sure we can think of a cleverer combination.

Thanks, MC, for the link. How have I not seen one of these until now?


Daniel Gray said...

This guy is hilarious. have you seen the one with the iphone?

Cheri said...

Yeah, tragic!