Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to gain 6 lbs in one week - Pt 2/2

...continued from below.

#10) Partake in a donut challenge, or any other taste test that your heart desires. I consumed more donuts in this one week period, than in my entire six months in Korea.

The overall winner was Doughnut Plant, despite my lukewarm response the first time around. We particularly enjoyed the hot pink donut pictured below (it might have been called Cassis?) and the Tres Leches, but most were pretty tasty, with the exception of their buns - dry, dry, and could-you-get-any-drier?! The Boston Globe recently did an article on the NY import.

#11) Expand your donut taste test to include other members of the pastry family. For example, let a fresh baked, warm roti bun melt in your mouth (street smarts tell us a room temperature roti bun won't taste half as good), or just start sampling everything at your local Paris Baguette or Paris Croissant, where it seems difficult to go wrong. Better yet, a trip to the basement of a Myeongdong department store is like walking into dessert heaven!

#12) Hit a cute cafe and get a serving of waffles or pancakes, drenched in sweet gooey goodness. We checked out the Sunnyside Cafe in Samcheongdong (삼청동) which had a very... sunny (?) atmosphere - unfortunately their pancakes were on the dry side... and should have been topped with ice cream!

#13) Splurge on dessert! It's hard to go wrong at Above (a wine bar in Itaewon). We also enjoyed our cheesecake at Walking Slowly near Dosan Park. And most of the other cafes/bakeries around Apgujeong are temptingly delicious!

#14) Finally, don't forget about the non-baked sweets... ice cream, yogurt, gelato, lattes, smoothies... mmmh!

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Daniel Gray said...

Good LORD! and I thought I ate a lot^^ I can recommend a good heart doctor if you need one.