Monday, August 25, 2008

Hong Kong recommendations?

Hong Kong bound in a few days.

If anyone has any suggestions, please do share!

Pretty please. ^^

Cheap wine, good company

I can't quite put my finger on how to best describe this bottle of wine (pictured below).

Classy would make for a good antonym. Gaudy? Cheesy? Sleazy? Something that might be found in a love motel's complimentary service package? Haha, I kid, I kid.

But in all seriousness, how can you not crack a smile? Cupid's on the cover, with full bow-and-arrow and a large gold-outlined, red heart for crying out loud. Even Two Buck Chuck can afford a better label! :P

Forgive me, for I am (clearly) easily amused.

That being said, the wine itself wasn't all that bad, albeit a bit watered down. But for the record, A) we're a little far from Napa if you know what I mean, and B) I tend to prefer watery Korean beer which makes it obvious that C) I know close to nothing on the topic of vino (or alcohol in general for that matter), unlike my wine connoisseur of a sister. (She probably would have sent it back, hehe.)

And in all fairness, the "Honeymoon" bottle was part of a $20 set special, complete with a huge plate of yummy seafood cream pasta and a cracker & prune plate. Besides, when you've got good company, nice conversation, and comfy surroundings, that's all the really matters, right? ^^

Sinchon Station

Quick and dirty guide to marinated saltwater mussels

From boat...

To land...

To hand...

To grill...

Check out our makeshift meal...

...Hot sauce marinated mussels!

Samchi and soondubu

I've collected exactly 129 points from 똘깨마을 맷돌순두부 - meaning that at least 129,000 won has been spent at this Sinchon soondubu joint over the past 8 months, not including the few times I didn't have my frequent diner card on hand. o_O (Don't get me started on loyalty cards. I've collected over a dozen in this city and have only reaped the benefits of ONE thus far.)

Without fail, visits to 똘깨마을 맷돌순두부 (my littlest cousin's favorite btw) always include an order of 들깨 순두부 (perilla soondubu), the only non-red option on the menu, and quite a nice and savory, non-spicy alternative if you ask me. However, on my most recent trip, I was feeling adventurous fishy so I decided, what the heck, I'll have the 삼치구이 (grilled samchi/Spanish mackerel). It was pretty good but nothing exciting, simply decently grilled white fish. I think sticking with the tried-and-true soondubu's a better option since you'll get a couple yellow corvinas to eat on the side (for free) anyway. Plus, this stuff fills you up quick!

P.S. If anyone's got a good recipe for perilla soondubu, I'd be much obliged. ^^

똘깨마을 맷돌순두부
Sinchon Station (map here)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Butter toast, the guilty pleasure

I'm wayyyy behind on food posts, but figured I'd throw this one in quickly b/c it was well worth mentioning. If you're in Seoul, head straight to Tom N Toms Coffee and get the butter toast! It's bound to clog your arteries, but who cares when something so bad can taste so good at 1 in the morning!

In and around Sinchon

I like Sinchon on Sunday mornings. Empty, peaceful, quiet.
I must be getting old.

Ahyeon Wedding Street

In search of a veil and bridesmaid dress, I headed down to Ahyeon's "Wedding Street" (Line 2, Ehwa/Ahyeon stations). Unfortunately, the window displays look much more appealing while driving by. We saw a fair share of ridiculousness, the occasional pretty piece, but mostly just overpriced ordinariness. All in all, it was an interesting experience, especially since every single shopkeeper thought Anna was the bride-to-be, hehe. We eventually pretended I was the one getting married (ahem, in Hawaii, summer of next year) while doing a routine veil search for Grace, but I don't think they believed me for a second. ^^;;

On the bus

Not particularly exciting video, in fact, rather boring, but if you're wondering what it feels like to be on a bus over the Han River and have 41 seconds of your life to kill, feel free. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Message to 엄마 & 정재

And just for kicks, this is what we were consuming while filming. ^^

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Engrish finds

Truth be told, it's a little disappointing going into your local Artbox, only to find that the greeting cards actually make sense these days. On a recent trip to Ahyeon's (아현) Wedding Street - more on that later! - Anna and I were thoroughly pleased to come across a sample wedding album that offered some good old fashioned Engrish amusement. ^^

A light in the dark shinning your love into my life.

Love slowly comessnow inquiring through frozen water through nightlike stars each flake steady reaching through.

Marriage doesn't pay a salary, but it dowe come with some terrific benefits. Take time to notice, again, the great smile your spouse has. (My favorite.)

ALL love is sweer, Given or returned.

In and around Myeongdong

Dear Journal: Just give me a camera and an excuse!

I'm waaay behind on posts. (Thanks for the reminder, Graciepoo. ^^) So here we go. Let's start the blogroll!

This one's dedicated to:
  • Annie & her hubby who are en route to the Bay :(
  • My unintentional haircut :/
  • More sticker pics :D
  • And a look into the crazy things Asians will wear :P
Just give me a camera and an excuse!

I wonder if the sticker booth shop would notice if this lovely pink hat mysteriously grew some legs and walked away...?

Clearly, I need to work on my "funny" facial expressions. And yes, I realize that my oversized fobby shirt might not be allowed back onto US soil without significant backlash from those I consider "dear loved ones." I am still working on shopping habits that will allow for stricter control on such impulses.

Sans awesome-pink-hat, friends, this is my new haircut and purple eyes. I had only meant to get my bangs trimmed but somehow ended up with hair 3 inches shorter and a little too close to reoccurring bob nightmares. Look, I managed to do a selca on the first take! Har har.

Now for the fun stuff.

Which would YOU wear if you were lucky enough to only pick ONE?

A) Couple underwear!

B) This...

C) Ripped jeans... ripped thigh high. (I think only BT can pull this look off.)

P.S. Bye Annnnnie. Eat a Grilled Cheese (not "Doggie Style" hahaha) at In & Out for me.