Thursday, July 24, 2008

I can't get enough of...

...CORN BEARD TEA! And not just any oksusu suyum cha (옥수수 수염 차) - the one with that Corn Mermaid on the bottle (made by Lotte).

Someone ought to write a song about it. It's like a corn drinking addiction!

What's your favorite beverage?


Richard said...

I know what your talking about! its so refreshing.

I also like the 17 teas drink. Its a green bottle and my Korean friends say its brewed from 17 different teas?

Another one of my favorites is the grape juice that has peeled grapes in it! Korean drinks are so much more interesting then American ones.

Alice Bai said...

my favorite was the red orange 365 thing! and i think i liked the 17 tea drink too. i also like 녹차 vegemil mmmmmmm