Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend in Geumsan

Geumsan (금산) is a little town best known for its ginseng (apparently responsible for 70% of Korea's ginseng production). However, our weekend was spent camping on the Geumgang (금강), which reminded me of a mini-vacay to California's Russian River from years past... Let's just say while I do enjoy being outdoors, I prefer AC-ed, bug-free environments with access to clean toilets and showers during sleep hours. I'm a wimp, I know, but this was one tough weekend... ^^;;

  • Gleefully swimming in the river...
  • ...until we saw a pregnant COW pee in it!
  • Doing dishes in the river (before the cow peed in it)
  • No bathrooms (don't ask)
  • Sleeping not sleeping in a tent with snorers ㅋㅋ and insects (grr) and no breeze! (Hence, the desperate text messages some might have received from me... ^^;;)
  • Playing with one of the calmest, cutest babies ever
  • Catching golbaengi (골뱅이) aka SNAILS and picking them out of their shells with safety pins (yes, for consumption; no, I don't eat golbaengi, but for people who do, can you tell me -1- what's so tasty about them, and -2- why they're green when boiled?)
  • Watching our neighbor de-scale and gut (still alive) fish for breakfast soup
  • Sunburns!
  • Jihee and I sneaking off in search of ice cream and the Dae Jang Geum filming location...
  • Developing a new appreciation for COLD water and tea
  • Quality people and nature time ^^
  • Sitting in the car to cool down in the AC
  • (First time) riding the KTX... Daejeon to Seoul in less than 1 hour!


Richard said...

Congratulations on your first KTX ride! Its sweet. Ive used it several times now to go to Busan and Daejeon...its a cool way to travel.

Also...not to ruin it for you:
but the line "Doing dishes (before the cow peed)" sure the cow peed in that river

Cheri said...

Haha yes I realize that, I just don't want to admit it!

And the KTX is kinda pricey, no?