Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily distractions: kimchee jun, organic jam, and babies

My life's a bit boring at the moment besides being in the middle of deciding some big "next steps." I thought I'd share a few distractions.

I made kimchee jun for dinner tonight, on top of my eggplant and tofu stir fry. "Diet starts tomorrow." Or maybe Friday.

Bought some organic strawberry jam for the first time in Korea, to accompany my huge bottle of Jif which I don't really know what to do with... peanut butter popcorn?

It's not quite Bonne Maman but I'm not complaining. Anyone got any good Korean brand jam recommendations by chance?

Jihey Onni's been babysitting this kid...

...He makes the funniest faces but doesn't say a word.

Just imagine the looks you get while transporting a blue-eyed, red-headed cutie on the subway (in Korea)?


Daniel Gray said...


Cheri said...

Apparently she got looks that read, "You must have married a (really) white guy."