Monday, July 28, 2008

Libraries are fun

What's better than quality time spent in the library? A pretty library! Namely, Yonsei's grand spanking new beauty. It was my second time in the extension building, but my first time actually being productive in it. ^^

Plasma touch screens, seat reservation systems, movie rentals (with a multimedia center to watch them in), language lab booths, beautiful shiny new computers, ample hang out space, and study areas very reminiscent of an Apple Store (it must have been the white pod-like desks)... With this type of atmosphere - wide, open, modern, dust-free, and super duper conducive to studying - you could practically live here (says the inner nerd in me)! It certainly brought me back to college days.

Here are a few photos taken from the 7th floor roof deck -

Severance Hospital and Namsan in the background.

The northeast-ish side of Yonsei's campus.

The law school's future mock court building.

Sinchon and the 63 Building in the distance.

The (slow) glass lifts.

I heart you, Yonsei Samsung Library.


Richard said...

You forgot to mention if there was a coffee shop in there? or some good eats?

Id have to have one or the other to live in there. It'd be like the big book stores that have coffee shops in the US

Anonymous said...

Today, I'm here again! -YS

Daniel Gray said...

it sounds like an awesome library. Hmmm...when I think back to my university library, I remember it was the only place to take a decent nap.

How have you been? I've been so healthy! I haven't had anything spicy for the last couple of days so I figure kimchi might send me into shock.^^

There are a ton of Korean restaurants on the island (boracay), so I might have to go check them out.



Kushibo said...

Yonsei's getting so much nicer since I left. :(