Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Love's Bakery... and Hyori?

Yes, that's a Love's Bakery truck that Hyori, a Korean popstar, is sitting on.

I still remember the scent of their fresh baked bread from the Kalihi off-ramp... wonderful how you could smell it from your car even with the windows rolled up while driving by.

Hyori's promo folks probably thought the Love's logo was cute. Maybe they could do some joint marketing, perhaps a full page color spread in the Honolulu Advertiser: "Buy a loaf of bread and win a chance to meet Hyori!" (I'm only half kidding - Hawaii people are pretty Hallyu-crazy. Korean pop-duo Fly to the Sky even held a concert there this Feb.)


Richard said...

There's a truck in the picture? I must have missed

Kind of funny a star like Hyori advertising a bakery...she probably never eats the stuff. I think a photo of me would be better because the viewer then can say "that stuff must be good...look at that dude, he obviously eats a lot of it"

When you look at Hyori, all you think is: "yeah right, she doesnt eat it"

Cheri said...

Well the funny thing is that she's not advertising the bakery... it's a promo shot for her new album: "It's Hyorish." (Yeah, that's really the title.)

I just found it funny b/c it's a local bakery that I grew up knowing in HI and she's randomly on one of their trucks!

Daniel Gray said...

I think the name hyorish is well...not flattering. But she did survive her dark angel phase, so I'm sure she'll be fine. Cheri, thanks for the translation^^