Sunday, July 06, 2008

Myeongdong Gyoza

Last year while on vacation and in search of dinner in Myeongdong, my family and I followed the crowd and decided to dine at the line-out-the-door Myeongdong Gyoza (명동 교자).

Myeongdong Gyoza has but 4 items on its menu (all pictured below): 칼국수/kalguksu (wheat flour noodles in a hot broth), 비빔국수/bibimguksu (cold noodles mixed in a spicy sauce), 만두/mandoo (gyoza/dumplings), and 콩국수/kongguksu (noodles in a cold, creamy soy-based soup).

(The photo above was taken in September of last year, and it pretty much looks/tastes the same now. A+ for consistency!^^)

Like the menu, service is simple and to the point - get a seat, order your meal, pay the waitresses up front, and dig in. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kimchi is the only "extra" you'll get at Myeongdong Gyoza. Good stuff, and on the extra spicy side. I saw plenty of people getting refills (including us)!

It wasn't until tonight that I had the opportunity to visit again, as I was really craving kongguksu - it's such a refreshing and hearty dish that always leaves me feeling satisfied.

Jihee had the mandoo, which I hear is excellent. (I don't eat beef/pork, but I cheated a bit and ate the mandoo pi (wrapper) which was perfectly cooked.)

You really can't go wrong here.

Unlike our lunch from a random basement restaurant near Ehwa Women's Uni.

Note to self:
  • Do not wander into random basement restaurants, especially if they're empty. There's a reason they're empty.
  • Curry and ddeok don't make such a happy couple.


the_intern said...

have you tried 'yogi?' its a pretty good noodle place. the lines can get long but its worth the wait. i went with a friend and all our final exams were forgotten. :]

Richard said...

ewww..ddeok and a mix I never thought of...

BTW, check my posts out I made one with you in mind :)

Richard said...

I just read daniel gray's blog...did you guys run into each other there?

Cheri said...

Haha, no we did not, but it was a funny coincidence!

windy said...

where is Myeongdong Gyoza, may i know?
do you have the street address?
thank you so much