Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As we get older...

As we get older, life inevitably changes, and things that come with age seemingly creep up from behind
Whether good or bad, wanted or avoided
A lot's happened over the past minutes, past hours, past days, past weeks
I still believe that everything happens for a reason
Even if we don't know or can't explain why in the present time
That's the vaguest way to summarize it
But the best way I know how to at this point
First, to my family and friends
You already know it, but I'll say it, type it out loud anyhow
I love you and miss you and while distance might complicate things on the surface
I'm always here for you
You have my gratitude, thoughts, and prayers, more than you probably realize

Also, I just want to blogument some happy news and congrats, albeit a bit belated... Jihey on your graduation (I'm so proud ^^) and Ro on your engagement...

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