Thursday, July 17, 2008

He found himself... on the Internet

I recently got a message from one of the sergeants who led our DMZ tour last month. He kindly requested that I not make my DMZ video public (since he's in it), while also acknowledging that there are no restrictions for recording/uploading such video. Out of respect for his privacy, it is no longer available for the general YouTube community.

I thought this was pretty interesting.

Almost in a "Duh...the Internet really works?!" sense. Never once did the thought of crossing paths again with this stranger, who - for the record - was a damn good security escort, enter my mind, let alone via my YouTube inbox, which I (and a lot of YouTubers, ahem) just about never check.

I didn't tag his name (I didn't remember it to start with), and the video, like many others available online, was uploaded to share with those interested in what it's like to be in the Demilitarized Zone, and particularly, around the Joint Security Area. Funny that he found himself (or perhaps a friend shared the news?) on big ol' WWW - likely after searching for keywords such as "DMZ Tour."

I know I should hardly be surprised. And I don't need a class on Web 2.0 or "the power of the Internet" - this is hardly a comment on collaboration tools, marketing opportunities, social influences, or the like - I simply wanted to take a moment to say, "Wow."

We generally take the Interweb for granted, but it's pretty darn neat (and potentially scary?) if you think about it. ; )

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Jenna said...

That is very interesting, I wonder how he even found it. I'll just have to be glad I watched it when I did then, and look forward to visiting the DMZ myself in the future. It's very nice of you to take it off at his request. :)