Sunday, July 06, 2008

Photo booth fun

The one thing I regret from MC's visit was not making a trip to an Asian photo booth store, or whatever they're called these days...

As you can tell, we're photo booth amateurs. It takes a bit of getting used to.

A few notes:
  • It usually costs around $5 or $6.
  • If coating and cutting aren't included in the price, make sure to get it b/c it's worth the extra 50 cents!
  • Pick a good machine - they've all got their different personalities - different camera angles, lighting, backgrounds, layouts, editing functions, etc.
  • Make use of the props!
  • Watch the ticking clock - there never seems to be enough time to design and decorate!
  • The more junk you throw on the picture, the better.
We clearly weren't satisfied with attempt #1 so we decided to go back again. ^^

It's a little addicting, I have to admit. ^^


Daniel Gray said...

haha. I just went to Myeongdong Gyoja on Sunday to do an article. Great minds must think alike. Do you mind if I contact you for your impressions for the article I'm going to write next week? This week, I'm doing one on an eel restaurant.


Cheri said...

Haha - what are the odds! :)
Sure, no prob... contact away ^^

Richard said...

Yea, what is it with korean girls and photo booths? Ive done a couple myself. Its definitely an experience everyone should try when visiting Korea. Its unbelievable whole stores with just photo booths packed with a bunch of korean girls giggling.

Then the decorating of the pictures after your done..Im an engineer and lack all sense of creativity, plus my handwriting is really guess I wasnt destined to be a photobooth nut. :)