Monday, May 05, 2008

Only in Korea (Pt 1 of many, I'm sure)

#1) The Burberry branded bike.
Ahem, I mean, "Burberrys." I expected the knockoff Louis bags on the street corner, and wasn't surprised by the fake Gucci shoes in the subway station, but I have to admit the first time I walked past an established retail store and saw "Balenciaga" bags in the window display, I had to do a double take. However, nothing seems to be more blatantly imitated than the classic Burberry Check in this country.

#2) Toilet paper does not belong in the toilet.
Almost every public restroom in Korea has a dedicated waste bin for used tissues, apparently to save water (and flushing power is not quite as strong as I've seen in Western countries). More on Korean bathrooms later for the curious at heart.

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Anonymous said...

random factoid: old burberry items can be found marked "burberrys" as that was how they branded their older merchandise :) (burberrys of london)