Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My new ice cream line, ddeokkbokki town, and Cheonggyecheon lights

Girl from China: They went to Bee-ah.
Me: What was that?
Girl: Bee-ah.
Me: Huh?
Me: Mekju? (Beer?)
Girl: Ice cream!
Me: Huh?
*Girl air-writes "B" and "R"*
Me: BR?
Girl: YES!
Me: Ohhhhh, Baskin-Robbins?!

This, by the way, is my clever transition into talking about ice cream, in case you didn't notice. ^^

See anything special in the photo below?

Not yet?

Take a closer look.

It's not just any ice cream. It's the CHERImoya! ^^

...or as YH calls it, "Cheri! 뭐야?!" which I'm too tired to explain right now. Ask a Korean if you're curious enough. ^^

Unfortunately, the dork in me did a little googling and soon discovered that it's actually the name of a real fruit, which apparently tastes like a pineapple-banana, if such a thing were to exist.

Won't you take me to... Ddeokbokki Town. Ok, you really have to imagine me singing that to the tune of Funky Town. Or not. I couldn't resist. ^^;;

Finally made it to "Ddeokbokki Town," an area outside of Sindang station (신당역 Exit 8) that is known for, well, what else but ddeokkbokki (떡뽁이) - a spicy dish made of rice cakes and gochujang (hot chili paste).

This version came with boiled eggs, pan fried mandoo, noodles, and odeng. As Onni would say, "Yum yum in the tum tum!"



We walked it off - all the way to City Hall - via Cheonggyecheon, which I'll never get tired of... with views like this, how could you!

And yes, I'm still a little picture happy. ^^

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Janice said...

the pictures of the walk to city hall are amazing! if i do get to visit, i'd like to go there ;)