Thursday, May 15, 2008

Walking tour: Yonsei and City Hall

Time to go on another blog roll!

Apparently it's that time of the year - colleges (well, two that I specifically know of, but I suspect there are more) are starting to roll out the spring festivities. Outdoor tents lined along the main campus road cater to a plethora of drinking parties, categorized by matching t-shirt wearing student organizations. In the day, you'll find street food booths, outdoor performances, massive air pumped slides, free promotional giveaways, and I believe somewhere in the middle, a special celeb-filled concert?

It happens every year, and it's quite a site to behold. A handful of people have asked me what the American equivalent is like, and I feel bad letting them down: "We don't really... have festivals."

Or do we?

In my world, lattes trumped beer, coffee shops overshadowed bars (except for the occasional really cool lounge), and restaurants always topped clubs so I'm probably not the best representative to discuss "American life" as told by classics such as American Pie. Wait, that's not even about college, is it? Case in point. I can't even get those movies straight.

I'm really starting to enjoy the walk from Insadong/Jogno to City Hall. Here are some shots of my solo rendezvous around Cheonggyecheon.

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