Friday, May 23, 2008

Hongdae Festival

In a previous post, I mentioned a thing or two about college festivals in Korea... this week I went with a friend to his school's (Hongik Univ.) 3 day bash. Although "not as big as Yonsei's," it still felt like one big fun block party.

You can play games...

Take cheesy pictures...
(Click here for the accidental video version.)

Get distracted...

Watch a concert or two...

Dynamic Duo (Korean rap group) singing "Ring My Bell..."

Student band singing "Welcome to the Jungle..."

Their "cheer team..."

Or just find a tent to sit in, and eat up!

KH's group had prime real estate - close enough so we could watch the concert from behind the stage.

Unfortunately this was their $7 version of "nachos and cheese," which we got a kick out of. I'm sure they raised a good amount of cash! : )

Come to think of it, it was sort of like a tailgate party, minus the football. 


Anonymous said...


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Daniel Gray said...

Those are nachos? I think everyone in Mexico just turned up their nose.

Cheri said...

sad, isn't it (the nachos).

ria - i will shoot you an email and try to help out if i can but i don't know much about apt hunting here. : (