Thursday, May 29, 2008

H e l p

Been catching up on Imogen Heap vLogs, browsing old Darren vids, playing Temposhark podcasts, listening to Kerplunk on repeat, checking out new stuff on iTunes every now and then, rummaging through old Hotel Cafe clips...


You know, stuff more like this... ^^

And less like this... >_<








Thank goodness for YouTube.

This post goes out to my big sis, who always (whether knowingly or not) let me "borrow" her cassettes (Whoa! Those are like extinct now, no?) and CDs and got me listening to stuff that usually wasn't crap. Except for that one Beastie Boys album. I never really got why you bought that.

Songs I was too young to completely understand at the time but loved and will always cherish. ; )

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

REM - Stand

B-52's - Roam

Green Day - Christie Road

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Jenna said...

Hello, I stumbled into your blog through "The Korean Blog List" and just finished reading everything. (>_<) It was a lot of fun! It seems you are eating your way through Korea. hehe. I hope to make it there someday myself. (And to have broadened my taste-buds by then, if YOU are considered a picky eater, I hate to think what I would seem like.) On the note of music - have you ever listened to Yoon Do-Hyun Band (YB)? They are a nice alternative to the pop/hip-hop that most Korean bands are producing. Thanks for the insight into Korea, and I hope you don't mind if I check back from time to time.