Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okonomiyaki: Part 3

A friend and I have an ongoing race to be the first to visit Top Cloud, the restaurant on the 33rd floor of Jongno Tower. It's a pretty neat looking building - my snapshot below (from the '07 trip) does not do it justice - you really ought to check out the architect's site if groovy buildings are your sort of thing.

So the joke originates from the fact that he thinks I've been to more places in Seoul than he - the original Seoulite - has, which usually leads to conversation like this:

What about having dinner in ______? Have you checked out the area before?
Yeah, maybe once. Let's go!
You've already been there.

A few of us met up in Hongdae and searched for some dinner. HY suggested okonomiyaki, and we actually walked by a couple of okonomiyaki places before she decided on, of course, THE okonomiyaki restaurant. It looked strangely familiar... and it hit me. I had been here once before during the restaurant's grand opening with some pals from Japan.

My friend's reaction? Priceless. Muhahaha. ^^

Fried kimchee and octopus. This is what you call "localization."

Shrimp okonomiyaki. Normally, the shrimp is supposed to be mixed in with the rest of the ingredients, but they picked it out since I don't eat it (aw, so sweet ^^), which resulted in a couple, "Did the shrimp just jump out of the okonomiyaki?" glances from the cooks at our table.

Yakisoba. Yum! Hard to go wrong with yakisoba.

The goofy, happy eaters. Somebody needs to learn how to do a countdown! *cough*
*Click here to check out the homemade version of okonomiyaki.

After dinner, we visited some beer bar that I probably wouldn't be able to find again if I tried. To my surprise, for once, there was no Hite to be found, haha!

We had been talking about London when I saw Hoegaarden on the menu... I ordered it to reminisce over the first time I tried it in Soho with S.

The same night we randomly ran into Joshua Jackson and Patrick Stewart...

I wouldn't be able to do this quite as easily 10 years ago. I heart you, Blogger.

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