Sunday, May 18, 2008

I <3 Sunday brunch

There's nothing better than classic American comfort food on a drizzly Sunday afternoon.

We'd all heard of Butterfinger Pancakes via friends and blogs, but hadn't actually got around to trying it until today.

The restaurant gave off a tinge of the Cafeteria vibe, except we definitely weren't in Chelsea, waiters donned bright orange and blue uniforms (yes, like the Butterfinger candy bar), the decor was a lot more diner-esque, and the service was... minimal. Come to think of it, it doesn't resemble Cafeteria at all, minus the fact that it serves an (almost) 24-hour brunch menu, and it takes a good hour to get seated.

We were STARVING and the food seemed to take an eternity... 

Susan got one of the combos - buttermilk pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, and eggs sunny side up.

Anna got cheddar cheese scrambled eggs, sausage, and vegetable soup.

I ordered banana-nut pancakes...

...mozzarella scrambled eggs...

...and mashed potatoes with gravy. (You've no idea how hard mashed potatoes are to come by in Korea! Unfortunately, it wasn't anything special.)

We did a good pretty job cleaning our plates... minus the sausages (they said they were dry) and the mashed potatoes (I took it to go.)

God certainly has a sense of humor. Look what I found out the bottom of my take-out bag. ^^

We also do a pretty good job of amusing ourselves. Check out Al Borland on the right sporting brown overalls and a red flannel shirt! Korean Tool Time, anyone?

Overall, Butterfinger Pancakes hit the spot, and I'd go again just to try their gigantic $8 milkshake and waffle ice cream concoctions - but I'm convinced there's something better out there... and it's my new mission to find it!

Butterfinger Pancakes (02-3448-1070) is located in Apgujeong, pretty close to that building with King Kong hanging on the side of it... about a 5 minute cab ride from the train station, 압구정역.


M.KATE said...

hi there,nice blog, sure looks good to me :)

Daniel Gray said...

Flying Pan Blue has a better brunch with much better pancakes. The chocolate pancakes are to die for.