Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reasons to run

Note: Errrrgggghhh, I practically wrote an entire food essay for this post, but once again, my browser froze on me, and I lost most of the text. Succumbing to laziness, rather than re-writing, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


I've pretty much failed all attempts to "eat healthy," and looking at some of my recent pics just adds salt to the wound. Since I can't give up the food, I'm thinking about getting off my butt and hitting the track a bit more - inspired by Onni and Janice, who've
completed a half marathon and full marathon this weekend, respectively. Congrats, girls!!!

Without further ado, I present to you,
Reasons to Run.

Cashew nut chicken and rice cake (떡) & scorched rice (누룽지) stir fry from Fish and Grill (a chain) in Yeouido. Tasty!

Chicken skewers from a "fusion" bar (in fact, it might have been called "Fusion Bar") in Hongdae.

Cheese ddukbokki from Minto, whose concept I will explain at some later date. This actually tasted better than I expected.

Fried rice cake skewers, covered in yummy, sweet, and tangy goo and topped with peanuts.
Matt, I know you hate dduk, but I really think you'd enjoy this version.

My favorite rice cake donut from Paris Baguette. For you Hawaii folks, it's a got a similar consistency to fried poi mochi (though it's glazed and less oily).

Curry chicken croquette from Paris Baguette. Nothing to write home about. : (

Chocolate triangle pie from Mickey D's.***
It's like a realllllly greasy version of a chocolate napple from Napoleon's bakery. Oh my gosh, I miss Napoleon's - but apparently online ordering is coming soon! Do you think they'd ship to Korea??

***(I'm sorry, Matt & Grace, I broke the rule again! I don't know if this is any consolation, but they make a point of only using Australian beef in McD's Korean chains, though it's for different (current and silly) political reasons. I'm not positive Australia's meat industry is any friendlier than the US of A's... well, I'm fresh out of excuses, aren't I?)

And on a non-food note -
congratulations, SJ, if you read this... this picture is marking HISTORY, isn't it?! ^^

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