Sunday, February 10, 2008

You lucky, lucky Americans!

This post has nothing to do with Korea.
Bit of an insomniac tonight.
Should prep for my four exams this week.
But the music's got to me.
I realize that some of my faves will be out and about very soon.
You lucky, lucky Americans!
If you haven't gotten your tickets to the Hotel Cafe Tour yet...
Whatchya waiting whatchya waiting whatchya waiting for?
And who's going to Coachella?
Or the Kokua Festival?

On a related note... how cool is THIS? ^____^
Temposhark were the Guardian's new band of the day this past Monday - love this write up!
  • "Imagine if Kate Bush had shagged Marc Almond and spawned a monster that grew up listening to Violator."
  • "And they look like such nice boys, like Busted dressed as Nine Inch Nails."
  • "This is music from the dark backroom of Studio 54 in 1982 where Prince, Cameo, Wham! and New Order are frotting each other into a lather over the very idea of Fischerspooner coming along in 20 years' time."
  • "Nevermind the swearing and dirty beats, they're a cuteboy take on pounding industro-electronica; McFly meets the Mode. McMode, basically."
I miss you Rob, Luke, Mark, and Mathis! <3

In dire need of something live and non bubble-gum very soon,

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