Sunday, February 17, 2008

<3 Day... Yeouido... too much food!

Me: Happy Valentine's Day! *hands heart shaped box filled with little cousin's favorite Ferrero Rocher candies*
Little Cousin: Thaaaaank youuuuuu. ^____^
Uncle: Wow! What did you buy for Nuna?
Little Cousin: Eh... girls are supposed to give boys something on Valentine's Day.
Uncle: Aiii, you little...
Little Cousin: Don't worry, I'll buy Nuna something on White Day!

In Korea, girls customarily do the giving on V-Day, while boys return the favor exactly one month later on White Day (March 14). A month after that, there's Black Day (April 14), for all the lonesome to chomp on jajangmyun (black bean noodles) with their other lonely single friends.

The secret to my heart... ^^
(Hsieh, I thought you'd enjoy this picture the most... see anything familiar?)

My little cousin eventually softened up and bought me some chocolates while I wasn't looking. He also taught me the 486 code for 사랑해 (I love you) - 사 has 4 strokes, 랑 has 8, 해 has 6 - and tried to get me to text it... mmh-hmm.

We took a little trip to Yeouido (여이도) for a ride down the Han River (한강). It was muuuuch warmer than my first trip there a couple weeks back. Can you tell the difference?


Yes, I still make excuses to take photos like this (though nothing can quite top our Kung Fu Panda pics, eh, Grace?) Luckily, when I hang out with 12 year olds, they gladly partake in the randomness with no, or very little, resistance.

Here's a view of the 63 Building which was once the tallest building in Asia... back in 1985.

But I'd rather show you pictures of one of the most adorable little kiddies on the planet! 

Seriously, don't you just want to adopt him?! ^^

Now... onto foooood. Went back to this yummy chicken kalbi (닭갈비) place...

Just kidding. But we really did see a bunch of birds on display at Yeouido. Why, I couldn't really tell you. I suppose it's educational to look at chickens in a cage. 

It starts out like this...

Then turns into this...

And when you think you can't eat anymore, you discover that you really can! Why waste the sauce... add a little bit of this and that... and you're good for a second meal of fried rice!

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Sam said...

I FREAKING LOVE CHICKEN KALBI! man, i cant read these blog posts anymore.