Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meet my adorable ban-chingoos

I've become an expert at procrastination working well under pressure over the years, and have come to learn that blogging is best done when you shouldn't be on the computer in the first place. 2 tests down, 4 to go! ^^

After midterms, we'll be losing our wonderful classmate George (aka "Joji," the most fluent of us all) and awesome teacher. ㅠ_ㅠ All classes switch profs so that students can experience a different learning style/method for the latter half of the quarter... in my case, whyyy mess with a good thing! : (

Naturally... this turned into a photo op. I'm so lucky to be in a country where people don't grumble (*cough* you know you who are) about pictures, but rather, often beat me to the punch, whipping out their cams with kung-fu-like-speed-reflexes. Meet my adorable ban-chingoos... ^^

George, who will someday be a world famous diplomat, best-selling author, or both, gave me a little gift he scribbled in class one day, and I thought I'd share (and I hope that's ok with him)... I've definitely learned a lot in the little time that I've known him.

Modern Sensibility

To see men sprawling
To see life faultering
To see minds thralling
To idiocy's unmindful reign

To hear hell falling
To hear the weak calling
To hear dregs hauling
To tune commerce's unyielding wheel

To feel joy fleeting
To feel time creeping
To feel like sleeping
To avoid a life nearly in vain

To taste air putrid
To taste food lucid
To think taste stupid
And embrace society's heel

To know that dreams shatter
To know that mind doesn't matter
To know that freedom can tatter
In so "modern" a world

To give you perspective
In our strange times

Well, it's high time to hit the books again.

But just for kicks, take a look at today's lunch, hwedupbap (회덥밥), rice mixed with veggies and raw fish. I'm debating whether I should turn this blog into a food diary. ; )

Finally, here's a little message from my cushion (thank you 엄마) to you... know I do!


Sam said...

hahahaha wow cheri. post by post you get closer and closer. that cushion is just ridiculous! i had to look away from screen and quickly scroll away. haha glad to see you are having fun!

ABai said...

i laughed out loud when u wrote Joji. i can hear all the krn ppl saying George like that. and all that food looks amazing!!!