Monday, February 04, 2008

The I <3 You People Post ^^

There's nothing more important in this world than relationships, and how you affect the lives of others. I am so thankful to have already been blessed with warmth, care, and joy by the wonderful people around me, some of whom I've only met within the past couple weeks. We encounter a lot of people in our lifetime, and may never cross paths with many ever again. Some situations develop into long lasting friendships, while others help you realize that you can't take the good relationships for granted, because it can be tough to meet good people. I don't tell my family, friends, and acquaintances enough... whether it's because I'm shy, busy, or lazy (^_^;) but I'm truly thankful and lucky to know each and every one of you. \(^_^)/

On that note... happy almost Korean New Year! ^^ This is just another reason I'm so lucky to be living here...

The above photo of the Han River (한강) was taken from this evening's trip to Techno Mart, right off the Line 2 subway at Gangbyeon (강변). Techno Mart is a huge 9 story-ish mall that houses just about everything from underwear to refrigerators, but as the name suggests, is known for its (reportedly 2000+) electronics stores. It's not as vast as Yongsan (용산) but was easier to get to today ^^, and it doesn't hurt that the area hosts a long line of fun and delicious pojangmachas (포장마차), the covered street snack stalls you see in all the Korean dramas. Anyway, thanks to a buddy and our hour and a half of browsing and haggling (admittedly, we didn't quite win at this game), I am now the happy new owner of the Nurian X7. Word to the wise - if you want to get a better price, bring lots of cash!


dogdogdog said...

I got the little iriver dictionary when i went to technomart. I also ate in the food court. yum!

jyllybyns said...

I totally believe that too. :)