Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's all a blur... are you hungry?

Does this blog make it seem like my life revolves around food?

A few recent munchies for your viewing pleasure... I wish the Smell-A-Net existed but until that glorious day, you'll just have to live vicariously through my stomach.

Onni, top left corner! You would have loved this gutchuri (것철이).

I devoured everything in the collage below. 

Left to right - sizzling chicken sprinkled with cheese and marinated in what we'll call "yummy mystery sauce" since the name of dish slips my mind... sweet potato and pumpkin omurice in a cream sauce (yes, who would have thought!)... "genki chicken" (tasted like Hawaii)... gyeran jjim (계란찜) made by the one and only Jae-Hak Samchon, who incidentally, last week, made the best non-spicy soondubu I've ever eaten... and last but not least, some sort of magical-chicken-on-a-stick covered in powdered cheddar cheese, a bunch of mystery sauces, pumpkin seeds, and almonds!

This one's entitled "다이어트 해야 돼." >_<

Nuff bout food... Here are some photos I took the other day...not too shabby for a point n shoot? Lately, I've been toying around with the idea of entering the world of DSLR... thoughts? 

Also, here are some random pics from our (window) shopping trip around Apgujeong (압구정)... for some reason, the concept of Banana Republic in Korea just seemed a bit off at that moment. Oh and Ro, I thought of you that day, can you see why? ^^

Time to cure the sleep deprivation,


GG said...

The gutchuri looks ono, but the zha-zhang mein looks even better!

Richard said...

I thought gg mispelled but then I realized what they were typing about. Then realized is there a correct way of spelling it? I usually spell it jae jae-myung. But, I was about to say the same looks really good!

I was going to ask you what camera you were usinng to take your pictures because some of them are really nice pictures. Ive debated the DSLR question myself. Its hard to think about spending that much money but the other thing for me is portability. A DSLR doesnt travel nearly as well as my Samsung NV24. I just bought that in May when I was in Korea. Really nice camera (10 MP) tons of options and features, including HD video. The biggest thing for me, is it is fairly slim so I can just slide it in my pockety.