Saturday, June 21, 2008

Korean food, wherever you go

I was flipping through some photos from one of my weekend trips to NY and was pretty amused... We might as well have been in Seoul!

Funny how these days all I can think about is a big juicy turkey burger!

KyoChon (교촌) - Mmmh, Korean fried chicken.

Kun Jip (큰집) - You can't really go wrong here.

Third Floor Cafe - Notice the pot of either jjigae or ddeokbokki below...

Maru (마루) - Where you pay $30 (gasp!) for your mango soju.

Pinkberry - Sort of Korean, no?

Homemade kimbap...


Yogurt soju...


S's new method of eating leftover kimbap - just turn it into bokkum bap!



Daniel Gray said...

yogurt + soju + cider = happy in the evening, head explosion in the morning.

Making Bokkumbap with the remaining kimbap is an excellent idea.

Richard said...

Mango Soju huh?

My first experience with soju was I was traveling around by myself in Korea. I think it was in Daejeon (which is where Im from). Anyways, I was real thirsty and decided to go down to the Family Mart and get some tea and water for my room. I went to the coolers picked up a sampling of drinks. Including 1 that was in a non-suspicious looking green bottle with nice little bamboo leaves on it. I assumed it was some kind of tea.

I got back to my room, unscrewed the cap and took a nice big swig...quickly followed by my instant reaction of spitting it out and gagging...LOL

Anyways, I noticed you even ate on the floor like in Korea!

Cheri said...

Yeah, I try to stay away from soju too. : )

Funny story, Richard... kind of sounds like a mean joke you could play on a friend... hmmmm... ^^