Sunday, June 01, 2008

Chucks around Hongdae

When I saw a poster for this weekend's street art festival in Hongdae, I got pretty excited. I should have read the fine print - it turned out to be a Converse sponsored shoe design center... still, it was fun, and since I'm rarely around Hongdae, I used it as an opportunity to snap a few photos here and there.

I would totally put this in my living room. Oh right, I don't have a living room. In fact, this shoe may be bigger than my room.

People were trading in their plain Chucks for personalized versions made by these ladies. So bummed, the one day I was NOT wearing my sneakers... : (

Would you wear...?

It's a bug, it's a shoe, it's a bug made out of a shoe!

Cartoon Billie Joe.

We ran into some other random sights, like the Statue of Liberty. I tried to take a picture with him/her but it moved before Anna could press the button. That was a pretty freaky moment.

Street performance...

On video -

I want to take more pictures here. Anyone want to be my subject? : )

Is this GANGSTA or what? Haha.

We had seen this handsome pup earlier in the day, and ran into him a second time, only to realize he was the cotton candy guy's mascot. The doggy became quite popular with the crowd, and it took about 5 seconds for a circle of people to gather and whip out their cell phone cams.


Yes, these shoes (and every other display pair in the store) were CELLOPHANED.

I'm considering buying one of these bags. Thoughts?

Paper clip wall.

Hmm, this reminds me of someone...

...Whatever happened to Clippy?!

: )

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