Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's nearly 4 in the morning, and I can't sleep, which leads to inter continental conversations about things like lactose intolerance, Skinny Bitch (the book I'm currently reading), sleep deprivation, and well... handwriting. (Btw, this has nothing to do with Seoul, food, Korea...)

We came up with the following non-fact-based, opinion-driven conclusions:

We'd rather blog than journal. The likelihood of updating your diary increases tenfold if you have a blog, rather than that bulky old book, BUT...

Handwriting is getting uglier by the minute. In today's digital focused world, it's probably safe to assume that people are writing less and less. Compare your parents' or grandparents' handwriting to the younger generations' and you'll see what we mean.

Is it efficiency, or laziness? I recently bought one of my younger cousins a notebook and asked him to start a daily English journal. He fought me on this for a while. "Why can't I just email it to you or post it on Facebook?!"

I'm thinking of starting a new blog, with complete stream of consciousness type ramblings like the above. Thoughts? : )


Richard said...

If you decide to do the stream of consciousness I would suggest you do it private first. Then post it or parts of it after you review it.

If it is a true stream of consciousness writting, you never know what may come up. Some things you may not want out for full public viewing?

I agree, blogging is so much easier than a journal. I think writing in a journal or a diary definitely has feminine connotations. From a guy's perspective, blogging is more neutral. Its also so much easier because:
1. No hand cramps.
2. Faster (assuming you know how to touch type).
3. You dont have to carry around a journal
4. Adding pictures is so much cleaner then elmer's glue
5. Allows you to share your thoughts with people easier.

Jenna said...

I do both. I blog for certain things, but my journal is a lot more private. I tend to write down my true thoughts versus the blogging that I do. It is sometimes censored because there are things that naturally, you just don't want others to know. On the handwriting note - our grandparents took penmanship classes in school and they had to LEARN how to write neat and pretty like they still do. All we learn is basic cursive. So, I think it's all a mixed bag. . .