Monday, June 09, 2008

I wish I could dance like that

I'm back in Seoul! Pictures/video from the weekend in 강원도 to come soon, 엄마 and 아빠...

But first, here are some videos I took from the Last for One B-Boy Crew performance at Yonsei today. I think they're the same guys who did that Canon video.

A couple other videos can be found here and here.

This makes me want to see Planet B-Boy even more...

Speaking of movies, I saw the latest Indy Jones installment this past weekend. It was a little disappointing, but the nostalgia was enough to keep me somewhat satisfied, I suppose. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for two of my cousins, who said after the movie, "Harrison Ford got old. We should have watched Kung Fu Panda." : (

I also just finished 21 - more than anything, it was so much fun seeing Kevin Spacey in our classrooms! Aw, I miss Boston... and Kevin Spacey. Forgot for a split second how amazing and dreamy he is. ^^

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Jenna said...

I can't bring myself to see 21. It was originally a story about a bunch of Asian-American kids, but they didn't think the story would sell with an Asian-only cast, so they changed the story and cast who they did instead. I don't know, but that really turned me off to the movie, despite Aaron Yoo being in it. Maybe I'll see it on DVD.