Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mmmh, dak kalbi

Everytime I eat chicken kalbi (닭갈비), I feel *extra* compelled to document the experience on camera. ^^ So here we go, just another night of eating with some of my lovely fam.

Waiting for a seat in the Sinchon (신촌) branch of 춘천집 (I think) in the sweltering heat.

3 orders of chicken for the four of us (I think that's a good ratio if you're planning to add sides like extra rice cakes or noodles... and especially if you want to eat fried rice afterwards!)

The basic order usually comes with chicken, cabbage, potato, rice cakes, sesame leaves, and chili paste. My only complaint is that this dish is a bit on the greasy side. How great would it be to offer a "well-being" version? Cooking spray instead of gollops of oil and lean chicken breast instead of skin-on, fatty rib/thigh pieces? I'd shell out the extra cash for that.

Start to stir fry!

In a few minutes, you end up with this.

Add your favorites sides (we got 2 orders of noodles), and dig in!

When meal #1 is nearly over, order a couple sides of rice and fry up meal #2 - bokkum bap! Even better with cheese.

As always, we ended up stuffed, but took a walk to Caribou Coffee near Ehwa. I wasn't particularly impressed, although the little guy's nokcha ice blend was pretty darn good. Is he too young to be drinking green tea lattes?

Cheesecake and some sort of cake - too creamy and too dry, respectively.

MC is officially en route to Seoul! ^_____^

Let the real eating begin...


Richard said...

mmhhmmmm...I think I can almost smell it!Those pictures are making my mouth water and my stomach growl... :(

Ive never had dak galbi with ramen in them. I'll have to try that next time. The best place Ive ever had it was in Daejeon. Im not sure the name, but my friends took me to it. Each table had big cook "pot" built into the table. You could order small, medium, or large. The would bring it out and dump it in the middle and you ate out of the middle. The best part was they would use this really long handled spade (kind of what they use to mix fudge?) to mix the food because there was so much of it!

This is making me so hungry. Im gonna go have an apple now (I'd much rather be eating dak galbi tho!)

Jenna said...

My friend and I went to one of the only restaurants that serves Korean food in the area yesterday and I had my first Jap-Chae and Bi Bim Bap. Both were very yummy. I loved my cucumber kimchi! It was awesome. I hope that you and your friend have an awesome week while they visit! I look forward to visiting my friend Sheri while she is there teaching. Thanks for the entertaining blogs and insight on the food in Seoul!

papa2hapa said...

It looks amazing. Nice photos!

I remember always taking pictures of the food when I was in Korea. You just can't help it.

Anonymous said...

alright - I am trying this again. Cheri you're so great still the best chef I know. Looks like you're having the time of your life. I miss you and happy for you. emily

Daniel Gray said...

I found a real sushi place in Apgujeong. It's called Sushi Hyo. It's expensive, but the skill of chefs is exceptional.