Friday, June 20, 2008

Counting your calories

Over the past week and a half, I've attempted to make an effort to be more aware of what I consume. Even started a food/exercise log. I'm a little worried that may go completely down the drain upon MC's arrival.

Thanks to Dan over at Seoul Eats, along with a bit of Googling (or shall I say Navering?) and friends' recommendations, I've already started an itinerary. Rather than "visit Namsan Tower" or "check out a palace," the list revolves around, you guessed it, good eats. Expect lots of food in the coming blogs... lots of it.

MC and I have been known to do random taste tests (i.e. best packaged oatmeal raisin cookie; most refreshing bottled water) and fun reviews (really, just excuses to dine out), and have accumulated quite a few OpenTable points in our day... and I don't see that changing in a week-long visit to Korea. This should be fun. ^^

I've already begun preparations for the ride from Incheon to Seoul...

Aren't I a good pal? I've done a nice job clearing out the Kinder Bueno stock at the local convenience store. I wonder where I can buy these in bulk? Costco maybe? They're quite $$$ at $1.40 a pop.

Speaking of which, I bonded over chocolate, hazelnut, and the wonderful Ferrero brand with the someone I had met for the first time yesterday. There are only so many people in the world who appreciate such conversation.

On a related note, I thought this was an interesting concept...

I think it'd certainly make the chocolate bar experience a lot more fun and communal. "Hey, you want the 70 or 50 cal piece?"


Richard said...

Sounds great Cheri! You should check go to Namdamuen (sp?) Market. Theres a ton of little food markets and korean snack stalls places there and if you go underground there is a large "bulk food" market of sorts where you can get lots of junk food in bulk.

Of course Myeong-dong has its share of snack stalls also! nothing like eating deukbukki on the street corner trying to put out the fire in your mouth! :)

Im not sure if you friend is Korean or likes Korean food, but I hope you take her to a bunch of authentic Korean food. You know the restaurants that only have floor seating, and only serve like 1 or 2 dishes. Food that we can't get in the US (like Ssim Dak or Haemauel?).

Altho Im also kind of partial to the Kim Bap restaurants (kind of like the Korean greasy ones you see by train stations or bus stops that serve kim bap, ramen, simple soups, and bibimbop...have fun...cant wait to see all of the pictures

Cheri said...

You know, being in Seoul for 6 months, you'd think I would have checked out Namdaemun... but the most I've done is walk past, or drive by... : / We're definitely going to hit up the snack stalls - I particularly want to eat the hoeddeok in Insadong. And I totally love the kimbap shops too! Most people view it as a snack, not a real meal... but I can eat kimbap anytime. ^^