Monday, June 30, 2008

More sights for the tourist

As I continue to recover, I figure I'd give myself another day or two before venturing into any food posts, so as not to bias my reviews, heh. Instead, here's a quick recap of some of MC's non-food related experiences. ^^

I've been to three palaces so far, and figured the average visitor (unless a huge royal palace buff) only really needs to see one during a week long stay. Would've preferred Changdeokgung, but it's closed on Mondays, so we opted for the next best option, an easy walk from Insadong.

This was my second
time to this palace, and again, we had a little more fun taking pictures outside the dare-I-say-dull-folk-museum...

Here, MC and I pounded some rice cakes. The first time around seemed so much easier! I could barely lift the thing... perhaps the ddeok had a greater stick-effect.

Of course, we had to do the obligatory trip to N Seoul Tower. I knew we could catch a cab there, since I had done it once before, but the drivers wouldn't believe me. Apparently, Koreans aren't allowed to ride a taxi up there. The gate guard even asked us for our passports, and when I told him I didn't have it and showed him my US driver's license, he ignored me, peered into the window, saw MC (obviously not very Korean looking), asked for $2, and we were on our way.

However, the highlight of our Namsan excursion was definitely the dancing. Yep, the dancing. After failing to convince me to get my groove on in the middle of the light show, MC spotted an Asian woman who was dancing next to her husband, and decided to ask for her hand instead. He even got the hubby to bust a few moves at the end. I guess music really does bring the people together.

More...outdoor...dancing... at Next Floor, an outdoor club music festival along the Han River. (Thanks, SJ. ^^)

What's that you ask? OF COURSE, we have video! ^^ Except you can't really see anything... just the guys screaming. MC wanted to go back to the hip hop tent after getting wiped out with jumping up and down ("What else are you supposed to do with this music?!") but it was a pretty good workout, I have to admit.

Little did we know we'd find a "beach" along Yeoido! The wonders of a bicycle. And only $3/hour! I think I'll be taking some solo rides this summer... if anyone's up for joining, let me know. ^^

Walking along Cheongyecheon...

Running into yet another protest near City Hall, we decided to play a Seoul version of "Where's Waldo?" Can you spot MC in the crowd? Bottom left corner. Hint: he's the one wearing the bright Johnny Cupcakes tee. ; )

And finally, what would Seoul be without shopping? ^^

Korea is so much more FUN with you here, MC! ^____^ Miss ya already!


Jenna said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I hope to get there soon enough. I'm wondering, what do you use to make your cute little photo collages? They are a lot nicer in blogs than a bunch of pictures thrown on a page! I would have danced! Although, I am decidedly a dork, and I am willing to be myself if I'm with a close friend, even in strange places! :)

Richard said...

I like the you have to pay extra for one without a basket? lol

Hopefully your stomache feels better real soon..Ive been waiting for more food pictures!

I go back to the States this week and I plan on having Korean food immediatelly!

Daniel Gray said...

I agree. i like the new layout too. It sounds like you had fun^^

Cheri said...

For these collages, I cheated and used KeyNote b/c there were so many pictures - makes it super easy to drag and drop straight from iPhoto! ^^