Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bundang... that's a far ride

I finally made it out to Bundang (분당)!

Just didn't realize how long of a ride it is via subway.

First impression? Lots and lots and lots of apartments and officetels. Pretty ones, too. ^^

After walking around the block (in Jeongja), I fell in love with all the prettily lit "Euro-style" cafes... As though I don't spend enough $$ on Starbucks, I'd probably go bankrupt if I lived here.

We checked out a place called Radio Garden... I didn't pay attention long enough to attempt to piece a theme together, but we had fun nonetheless.

Hoegaarden and... grapefruit juice. This was my attempt at being "healthy," which totally got canceled out by all the nachos.

I suppose I'm especially excited about Jeongja (정자) because it feels familiar, the roads are spacious (and comparatively clean), it's a lot less crowded, and therefore relaxing (especially after having spent a significant amount of time at the immigration office today, which I always find depressing). In particular, the view from SJ's awesome new office strangely feels like I'm standing in the StuVi on Comm Ave... ^^

For dinner, we went to a restaurant in the area for hanjeongsik (한정식), "a traditional Korean banquet made for a king." The meal consists of a variety of side dishes (ours came with grilled fish, raw crab, pork, two kinds of soup, and a ton of marinated veggies), and the entire table of food was literally wheeled and carried to us. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Anyway, more photos from Jeongja when we visit again next week!

I want to introduce one of my new favorite packaged goods - the rice sesame cookie! Amazzzzing. I ate an entire bag in 2 days, and vowed not to buy it again in the near future. (It's too tempting.)

Buttery like a shortbread cookie, with the perfect crunch-to-chew consistency, and just the right amount of sesame kick. Found in the organic/health section of Lotte Dept.

Something tells me I'll be making a lot of trips to Sweets Cafe this summer... it's getting hot, and strawberry ice is the the perfect substitute for shave ice!

5 days till MC's arrival, and a couple weeks for M and T - yay!!! We'll be eating it up big time. ^^


Richard said...

Took me forever to find the Bundang exit on the subway map...then I realized its the name of the line!

How was the hanjeongsik? Ive read and heard that royal food was "bland" in comparison to commoner's food but was aesthetically pleasing. I think it was bland because the king was not supposed to have too much spice in his life, and the food had delicate flavors?

Also, if those cookies were found in the organic isle..doesn't that mean they are healthy? So you can eat all you want!

Cheri said...

It was delicious!
As for the cookies... organic, sure, healthier than the stuff with pesticides, but that does not equal lower calorie content. ^^

Daniel Gray said...

next time take the bus. the 5500-1 takes you right there. I work down there so next time you're in the area, let me know. My favorite mandu and Naengmyun place is down there.