Monday, August 18, 2008

Kongguksu, I heart you

It's pretty much impossible to designate any Korean dish to ultimate favorite status - they're all so damn tasty - but I've recently determined that kongguksu (콩국수) ranks pretty high on my list. The above photo comes from a recent visit to BSD Dubu House, but I've yet to try anything better than Myeongdong Gyoja / Myeongdong Gyoza (명동교자)'s savory version. I'm sorry, kongguksu, for being so late to realize your outstanding qualities and potential.

I've also been craving some really good curry after having eaten mediocre Thai. As the song goes, if at first you don't succeed, then dust yourself off and try again, you can dust yourself off and try again, try again. Unfortunately, this motto applies to my appetite more than I'd like it to. (If you're curious, we randomly picked out a Thai restaurant on the 5th floor of I'Park at Yongsan Electronics Market, a few steps away from the Marks and Spencers store. It wasn't anything to write home about.)

Mmmh... Thai or Indian, anyone?


Daniel Gray said...

Indian. I know a couple good places and I have to check out Everest. I heard good things. Wazwan is also good near the mosque in Itaewon

Richard said...

what is the picture of the bowl with the white stuff at the bottom?

I never had konguksu..i'll have to try it next time Im in Seoul..

Nothing can be better than gamjatang or jjim daek!!!...or at least nothing Ive tasted :)

Cheri said...

I think it's supposed to be green Thai curry. :)
Thanks Dan I'll try to look Wazwan up.