Monday, August 11, 2008

Dark Knight, airport food, and Outback Steakhouse

On my trip to Incheon airport last week, we decided to have our last Korean family dinner with JJ. Despite the fact that it was his last chance for a "real" Korean meal in Korea, he wanted to eat cream spaghetti from the food court. Go figure.

Since we were there, I finally got to eat a salad, though it was covered in honey mustard gunk. Koreans sure like their dressing! But this was nothing compared to my aunt's tuna-corn-cucumber-iceberg salad drenched in green kiwi dressing. She actually uses the entire bottle so it's more like a "salad soup" but I don't have the heart to say anything. Whenever I come over, she tells me with a wide grin, "I'm making the salad that you like!" as if she won the key to my stomach.

Hyun also had spaghetti that night, which meant he was planning on eating again. You see, for a handful of Koreans, if you don't eat rice, you're not really eating a meal, and Hyun is one of those people. We once ordered pizza, and after three slices, he decided to heat up some leftover rice and kimchi jjigae. So it was no surprise that he after we drove back to Seoul, I was treated to dinner #2 at Outback Steakhouse and the Dark Knight. ^^

Well... the overall outcome? The boys said it was surprisingly better than they thought it would be, and gave it the thumbs up! I agree.

On a side note, I feel like I've been getting a bit of crap for the types of movies I've been watching here in Korea. ㅋㅋ I wouldn't under normal circumstances watch these movies in the States (well, Batman's an exception), but in my defense, I don't really have much of a choice when it comes to foreign films in Korea. Quite obviously, most of the time only blockbusters (or blockbuster-ishes) make it through, which tend to lean towards the action/superhero/fantasy genre. Looking at the Megabox website, the only American movies currently showing are the Dark Knight, Nim's Island, The Mummy 3, and Wall E. So cut me some slack! ^^;;

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