Monday, August 11, 2008

In and around Daehangno: Andy, Kraze Burgers, and POG!

Straight from the Coffee Bean: POG! That's Passion Orange Guava for the non-Hawaii folks, and one of my favorite juice blends. It's not quite Hawaiian Sun, but the $6 version's a refreshing treat if you're willing to shell out the cash.

Anna and I decided to scope out Daehangno (대학로), in an attempt to do a little bit of research on musicals. We walked by the theatre showing Polaroid, and saw a bunch of girls waiting outside with their cameras. I figured they were looking for one of the show's stars, Andy, a singer turned actor who's been enjoying increased popularity due to his part on the well received "reality" program 우리 결혼했어요 (We Got Married).

Well, we had swung by at the right time, and got to see him for a good 3 seconds as he walked out of the theatre and into a darkly tinted black SUV. Truthfully, we were a little disappointed it was a Kia, haha. Perhaps I'll see the show one day; I've got another week or so to buy tickets. But I've also seen ads for Grease, and I would never turn down the chance to see a Korean Danny Zuko!

In our quest for dinner, we ran into one of those cocktail-in-a-plastic-bag stands on the street. I've yet to try one, but I imagine it's one of those things you do once just to say you did it. It doesn't look very appetizing, but where else can you get a $4 cocktail in this city?

We ended up at Kraze Burgers (pronunciation closer to kra-jay than craze). It was my second time there, and I ordered the same thing I had before - the K.O. chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as good this time around, but I still enjoyed it.

Anna ordered the philly cheesesteak and chili cheese fries, but judging by her "eh" expression, she didn't seem very impressed with it. The "steak" turned into a hunk of meat that resembled a badly thrown together burger, and the chili cheese fries, as you can tell in the picture below, lacked a staple ingredient - cheese.

What I'd do for a Gardenburger these days...


Richard said...

I love The Coffee Bean!! My favorite is Tropical Passion Lattes! I never even knew Coffee Bean existed until my trip to Korea. Its a bit ironic, during my travel to Korea it was my first time in The Coffee Bean, but also Outback

garden surprised you cant find a good "tofu burger"

annalog said...

You should try the overpriced Guava Sagwa bottled juice at Coffee Bean. It's by a New Zealand company. Its price may be a little ridiculous, but I figure that its the same price as a caffe mocha.