Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pheasant mandu

I've been searching for a good plate of vegetarian mandu for a while, and haven't had much luck. (Anyone have any recommendations?) So on a recent breakfast stop in Gangwondo, I was surprised to hear that the restaurant actually served chicken mandu.

Uncle: Try the mandu guk.

Me: No, thanks. I'll eat that kalguksu over there.

Uncle: There's no pork in this mandu. It's made of chicken.

Me: Chicken? *shoots incredulous look*

Uncle: Ajumma! What's in the mandu?

Ajumma: Kweong (꿩).
Me: What's kweong?

Uncle: It's chicken.

Me: No, it's not.

After multiple (failed) attempts to convince trick me that kweong was indeed chicken, my uncle found a picture hanging on the restaurant's wall and pointed to it.

Ohhh, "kweong" = pheasant!

Googled results tell me that kweong was originally used in ddeok mandu guk but these days, wild pheasant meat is used mostly on special occasion.

Personally, I'm a fan of tofu and veggie mandu, which I like to make at home. At Trader Joe's, it's easy to find chicken gyoza, which is pretty decent, and of course, a wide variety of frozen mandu is available at any good Korean grocery store. What's your favorite mandu filling?

"Netherland Kweong Mandu"
Heongseong, Gangwondo
342 7888


Richard said...

kimchee mandu!!!

So how was the pheasant mandu? You didnt give us your analysis on it..did it taste like chicken?

Cheri said...

I actually ate the kal gook soo. ; ) The mandu ddeok gook soup (which I tried) was tasty, but the mandu was reviewed by my little cousin as 별로.