Monday, August 11, 2008

On the subway

Despite the fact that I've been in Seoul for over seven months, my relatives still don't think I understand the subway system. I can find my way to my aunt's new apartment in Suwon without an address by bus (which is more confusing, especially if you don't have Internet Explorer and can't access the city's interactive bus map), yet she wants to make sure I know that on my subway ride way back to Seoul, I should take X train and transfer at X station, etc. I know, I know. It's cute. They care. But it's still amusing.

Anyway, I thought I'd start taking more random videos of this wonderful city so here I present my boring subway ride back home. I don't particularly enjoy subway rides, especially during rush hour when the ajummas are in full force and ready to attack (i.e. bump, whack, knock you over the head, and step on your toes). But mostly it's because subway rides (in any city) tend to be dull, offering little to look at other than a bunch of other restless, bored, or tired souls punching away at their cell phones in zombie-like fashion. I'd much rather take the bus. Sure, it's a bumpy ride (hold on if you're standing, and I say that in all seriousness), but if you've got a seat, at least there's something to look at!

This video is taken from Line 2 as we cross the Han River (going south to north). You can see the parliament and 63 buildings in the background.

The rail to the airport, however, I enjoy. It's clean, quiet, usually people-free, and offers beautiful views of the water in Incheon.

Happy traveling!

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Richard said...

Ive been on that exact subway crossing the Han River!! lol..thanks for the memories.

I know what you mean about the subway. Its actually very easy to learn. The family I stayed with was the same way with me. Even on my 3rd trip to Korea in 8 months they were still reminding me how and where to go. However, I had a lesson in humility.

I applied to SNU and SKK univerisity MBA programs and had to turn in my applications in person. My friends asked me if I knew where to go, and I was like "Yea, they are right on the subway map." Oh they were due the day I arrived so I didnt have time to waste.

I first go to SNU as its close to Jamsil (where I was staying)...I got off at Seoul National University of Education...wrong stop..not the same as Seoul National University. Then you get off the subway and its like a 10 mile walk uphill to SNU!!!(Delay of 1 hour)

I then head out to Sunkyungkwan University which is 1 stop from Suwon..It takes like an hour to get there from SNU. I walk all over campus trying to figure out where the business school is to turn in my application. Then I finally find somebody who knows what Im talking about (remember English in They inform me that Im at the wrong campus, I have to go to Hongdae exit to the Seoul Campus!!! (that was likea 2.5 hour delay!!!)

anyways, I barely make it to SKK just in time to turn my application in. what should have taken like 1 hour, took me all day!!

I was too scared to try the bus system on my own.