Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Journal: Just give me a camera and an excuse!

I'm waaay behind on posts. (Thanks for the reminder, Graciepoo. ^^) So here we go. Let's start the blogroll!

This one's dedicated to:
  • Annie & her hubby who are en route to the Bay :(
  • My unintentional haircut :/
  • More sticker pics :D
  • And a look into the crazy things Asians will wear :P
Just give me a camera and an excuse!

I wonder if the sticker booth shop would notice if this lovely pink hat mysteriously grew some legs and walked away...?

Clearly, I need to work on my "funny" facial expressions. And yes, I realize that my oversized fobby shirt might not be allowed back onto US soil without significant backlash from those I consider "dear loved ones." I am still working on shopping habits that will allow for stricter control on such impulses.

Sans awesome-pink-hat, friends, this is my new haircut and purple eyes. I had only meant to get my bangs trimmed but somehow ended up with hair 3 inches shorter and a little too close to reoccurring bob nightmares. Look, I managed to do a selca on the first take! Har har.

Now for the fun stuff.

Which would YOU wear if you were lucky enough to only pick ONE?

A) Couple underwear!

B) This...

C) Ripped jeans... ripped thigh high. (I think only BT can pull this look off.)

P.S. Bye Annnnnie. Eat a Grilled Cheese (not "Doggie Style" hahaha) at In & Out for me.


Grace said...

your hair looks fine! i also realized a few days ago that i never sent you pics of my haircut..oops..

Richard said...

Couples underwear...LOL

Ive seen a lot of couples wearing the same outfit...I never stopped to think if they were wearing matching underwear too!!...wouldnt surprise me now that I think of