Monday, August 25, 2008

Hong Kong recommendations?

Hong Kong bound in a few days.

If anyone has any suggestions, please do share!

Pretty please. ^^


annalog said...

Be sure to have high tea at the Peninsula Hotel. It's quite pricey, but well worth it, in my opinion.

Richard said...

Definitely go up to the top of Victoria Park..I think thats the name of it. Basically you take this railway up to the top of a mountain right in Hong Kong. Be sure to go at night around 9PMish? because all of the fancy finance buildings put on a lazer/light show...really cool to see. I even bought a professional panoramic photograph of it because it was so cool.

Theres always Hong Kong I didnt do that so I dont know anything about it.

If you like shopping, Hong Kong is like the shopping Mecca of the world. If you go to the Finance District you'll get all of your high end stuff found in Apgujong and even some stuff that can't even make it on Apgujong! Im not much of a shopper but there is a Chinese "bazaar" type shopping area too. Its like a flea market, more of my type of shopping. But I found it was pretty touristy.

I went all the way out to the Hong Kong History Museum. Not sure if your as much of a nerd as I am, but Im always fascinated by stuff like this. Its pretty interesting and explains a lot about Hong Kong.

Definitely take the Star Ferry. This is the main ferry that crosses the bay and connects the two parts of Hong Kong. But you get to see a great view of Hong Kong from the water. Plus its cheaper and faster than the buses or subway.

Food, food, and more food. As much as Seoul has to offer, Hong Kong has a much wider and larger variety. Sorry I cant recommend anywhere in particular. I was lucky enough to stay with Koreans that were living in Hong Kong. The only restaurant I remember eating at was Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the top of rail car because the kids I was with wanted

Kevin said...

My name is Kevin and live in South Korea. We have been to Hong-Kong last week of July this year. What we liked was:
1.View from the peak
2.Cruise to have an overview of Victoria port by night
3.Go go go to MACAU it s amazing, I come from France and I feel like in Europe (MACAU was Portugese)
4.Lantau Big Buddha is so huge
5.Ocean park has Dolphin Show and Panda exhibition
6. Shooping, it s an amzing place for it, you have mall everywhere.
7. Jumbo floating restaurant is the restaurant to do there.
Hope you ll have fun.
This weekend we are escaping Jinju to Seoul to see the Pixar exhibition. I just read your article about it. said...

As I mentioned earlier, I emailed the daughter and son-in-law of the people I stay with in Seoul, they have lived in Hong Kong for the past couple of years. Here is what they recommended (In particular check out the restaurant recommendations!):

"1. That's Victory Peak. Also recommend Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui where
people can see the highrise buidings of Hong Kong island particularly at night
(8PM there's laser show)

2. Stanley beach and Stanley Market

- Dim Sum at Maxim Restaurant located in Citi Hall in Central.
- Peking Duck at Peking Garden (Alexandra House in Central or Pacific Place in
- Christal Jade Garden in IFC Mall in Central for Cantonese Food
- Xia Nan Guo in Man Yee building in Central for Shanghai Food
- Ye Sanghai in Pacific Place in Admiralty for Shanghai Food
- Also, Lan Kwai Fung or SOHO in Central have almost all types of cusine around
the world and bars.
- If they have plan to go to Korea, I wouldn't recommend Korean food in Hong
Kong because it's not authentic Korean food."

Anonymous said...

Because I like your blog I'll contribute to your cause.

In Central:
Ling Heung Tea House
160-164 Wellington Street,
75 years of history, arguably the most authentic dim sum you can get. Not for the timid, find a seat yourself and you often have to get up to get yourself what you want. You either love it or hate this place.

Many good brand names in Central.

Wan Chai:
Kam Fung Restaurant
41 Spring Garden Street
For egg tarts!

Portland Cafe
75-77 Tung Choi Street
Might be hard to find between the vendors, but this place is a gem. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu, make sure to get the coffee-tea drink. Good for lunch and area good for shopping. I got the Hainanese chicken rice dish... I'm going for the real thing in Singapore next week!!!!

Sham Sui Po:
Wai Kee Noodle Cafe
62,66 Fuk Wing Street
Noodle with boiled beef or pig liver.

-어학당 친구

Cheri said...

Thank you allll. ^^ I'm back and had a wonderful time eating my way through the city and taking in the sights. Will post pics soon!

the Korean said...

aw, if I caught this before I went on my vacation, I could have told you something awesome. No such luck :)