Sunday, April 27, 2008

Picture happy as can be

Recently, I got a little tired of jjiggae and rice, and consequently went on a bit of a pasta spree... Unfortunately, most of my "Italian" experiences have tasted like pasta out of a box, topped with Prego or Ragu. Not that that's a bad thing, but I can do that in my own kitchen. I'm positive there's excellent non-Korean food to be found in Seoul... just not in Sinchon. ^^ I mean, I actually read a restaurant review from The Korea Times entitled, "Enjoy Real Mexican at On the Border."  Hmmm. Well, to be completely fair, none of the dishes pictured below cost over $10 so I suppose in the US, that's equivalent to The Old Spaghetti Factory, possibly Bertucci's at lunchtime, and those small mom and pop shops around the financial district... ^^

Baked fusilli and rigatoni with chicken in marinara
Very cafeteria-esque.

Basil cream spaghetti topped with toasted almonds
Tasty, but after 5 or 6 bites, it got pretty greasy and I got queasy.

Spaghetti with salmon, capers, and bell peppers in a light cream sauce
Notice how it's served with pickles and toast? I've gotten used to the pickles - everything is served with pickles - fried chicken and pickles, pad thai and pickles, fried rice and pickles, pasta and pickles... apparently to cut the grease. But the toast? Perhaps they were going for "poor man's garlic bread?" Haha.

I've also been snacking way too much... 

Pat bing soo from Paris Baguette

Pat bing soo from Sweets Cafe
If I ever go on a diet, I'm considering having this as a dinner replacement every night. ^^

Green tea cake donut from Krispy Kreme
We recently discovered that the Krispy Kreme in Sinchon closes its doors at 3am, and when you go late enough into the night, whether or not the "Hot Now" sign is on or off, they'll give you an original glazed donut for free when you buy something. My Asian friends tend to think it's too sweet, and could barely finish an entire donut. (Crazy, huh?)

Cold Stone Creamery
Since tipping is a rarity in Korea, they don't really sing here, which kind of kills one of the Cold Stone themes...

...but I suppose it all comes down to the ice cream, and technically, they don't stop you from singing on your own, so it's all good. (Look who it is, Alice! ^^)

Fried chicken from Kyochon
My spicy food tolerance has really improved in Korea, best measured by my newfound ability to eat the hot version of Kyochon's fried chicken, something that was a lot more difficult to do a few months ago. ^^

Beer at O'Kim's Brauhaus
SJ introduced me to Korea's first microbrewery. Filled with the after-work crowd, it gives off a Boston Beer Works, or perhaps Gordon Biersch, kind of vibe.

Yep, it was quite awkward drinking out of that thing. ^^

Picnic in the park
The only thing that was missing was a beach...

Me: Look, how cute! Let's take a picture!
Go-eun: Okay.
*takes picture*
Me: Your turn.
Go-eun: How old am I? I can't take a picture like that!
Me: Then what does that make me? I'm older than you!

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Janice said...

i just had some cold stone creamery tonight actually. i hadn't had it in ages, and i don't plan on having any for awhile -- it's way too decadent!! also, i'm glad to hear your spice tolerance has increased. woot woot. :)