Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You are my sweetest downfall

What's wrong with this picture?

a. Cheese fondue omurice.

b. Fried chicken with beer.

c. Nachos with beer/tequila.

d. Banana daiquiri with peanuts and popcorn.

e. The fact that the all of the above were consumed within a 24 hr period.

While I escaped the delicious problem that was the bakery down the street from my old place...

I've run into a new one. The fact that Krispy Kreme is within walking distance from my new home is just not right. The fact that I have to pass it everytime I walk to/from the subway just adds to the cruelty. And that damn blinking HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW sign is just MEAN. Glazed sour cream, you are my sweetest downfall!!

I'm pretty sure I've developed a skewed view of a "typical" young lady in Seoul, as Sinchon tends to be filled with a good amount of fashionable, size zero, model-esque beauties with perfectly straightened hair, cute manicures, and a seemingly never ending closet full of miniskirts or tights that substitute as pants (even in freezing temperatures). But then there's me, the antithesis, who on some days (particularly early mornings), would rather wear a baseball cap with jeans and a hoodie, and is not surprisingly described as "She eats well!" when introduced to new people at dinner. Ha ha. ^^;;

It's all good. I like being associated with food. In fact, some of my top hobbies include grocery shopping, cooking, and restaurant appreciation. ^^ I grew up watching my mom in the kitchen, being glued to the Food Network, and dining out at way too many restaurants, thanks to my parents and shoulda-been-a-food-critic older sis. 

But for my own health, I think I need to work a little harder! And Janice, I just decided you are my motivation... for pete's sake, the girl is training for a marathon and her pulse is in the 40s (or 50s? or something lower than average, which I just found out is a very good thing, and very athlete-like), ha ha. Get me on a treadmill b/c the food's not going anywhere anytime soon! ^^

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