Thursday, April 17, 2008

Achy breaky heart

To err is human, _____________________.
  • but to really foul things up requires a computer.
  • and to blame it on a computer is even more so.
I'm a computerless, heartbroken fool. *cry*

It's your standard Cornelian dilemma.

Your hard drive seems to have committed suicide. But we've all read (or watched) Romeo and Juliet, and want to keep the slightest ounce of hope that it'll wake up one day...

So what do you do?

Door #1: Salvage what you can! (Take it to a data recovery center.)
Sure, it may put a dent in your wallet ($300), but pictures keep your memories alive. However, you've been told that there's less than a 10% chance of resuscitation.

Door #2: It wasn't meant to be. (Get Apple to replace your hard drive for free.)
You've only been together for the past 4 months or so, and sure, you had a good thing going at the time, but look what it's done to you now?! Let it go - pictures are pictures but memories will always remain in your heart, something a faulty hard drive can't take away from you.

Unfortunately, the catch is that both doors can't be opened. Right now I'm just sitting on the situation, Skype-less and 2008-picture-less. If there's a lesson to be learned, it's this: BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES. I mean it. Right now. DO IT.

Anyway... that's the end of that.

Today we made music. ^^

Samulnori (사물노리) that is. Lifted from KBS:
The term "Samulnori" describes a traditional Korean percussion quartet
comprising a "kwoenggwari" (small gong), "janggu" (double-headed drum), "buk"
(drum) and "jing" (large gong). The Kwoenggwari is a small percussion
instrument, which can produce the fastest and highest-pitched sounds; the janggu
produces fascinating sounds in harmony with the kwoenggwaril; the buk serves as
a harmonizer of all sounds in the quartet; and the jing’s sounds can be compared
with the sound of the wind because of their long reverberations. These four
traditional instruments constitute samulnori, which embodies the lively spirit
of the Korean people.

It was LOUD. And quite a workout, probably the most exercise I've gotten all year! ^^ (Visuals to come soon.)

The other big news is that my littlest cousin JJ is officially going to the US of A this year! I often ponder how this will change his life, and 10 years from now, which cultural identity (and language) will he most feel comfortable with? Oh to be a kid again, so young, so many opportunities, so many options. I envy that. ^^

Speaking of fleeting years, yesterday I met up with a friend from five-ish years past. It was as though we had just pushed the fast forward button on our life remote controls. He is the epitome of "living life for life experience" so playing catch-up was quite fun. Admittedly, tt was also really nice being able to 1) eat pad thai and chocolate molten lava cake (ooooh, Top of the Hub dessert memories), 2) drink "American style," and 3) have a conversation with a native English speaker face to face... feels like it's been a while, ha ha.

Lately, communication attempts beyond your standard day-to-day or getting-to-know-you stuff have proven to be quite trying. I think I screamed "답답하다!!!" at least ten times the other day, when my friend and I were discussing Korean "social issues." It's a work in progress. ^^

I'm also starting to realize that my experience in Korea thus far has mostly been of the bubble gum sort. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just that my eyes are starting to open a bit more which I'll save for the "other" blog... Gotta run for now.

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