Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Mac's back! (plus salmulnori video)

The good news is that my Mac's back. The bad news is that everything on it went to data heaven. I'm also convinced they just replaced a faulty hard drive with yet another faulty hard drive.

The funny thing is that a day or two before I picked up my computer, I had been groaning and grumbling to myself, feeling like a victim of bad luck, hopelessly crossing my fingers, and praying for a miracle. After getting smashed, smooshed, and pushed around like a sardine in a can on the train, I picked up my long neglected copy of The Purpose Driven Life, re-read through a couple chapters, and it hit me.

It's true that life on earth can be likened to a test - whether we experience seemingly unanswered prayers or senseless misfortunes, even the littlest incident can be used as "a growth opportunity to deepen [our] character, to demonstrate love, or to depend on God." These thoughts, along with a million other reflections, have been circling through my head (it obviously goes beyond my crashed hard drive), and without sounding like I just got back from church service, I wanted to express and reiterate (mostly to myself, but also anyone that's willing to listen) that it's not always about questioning why, but rather, actively learning and improving from everything you're thrown, and moving forward with those lessons in hand. Something too easily forgotten.

With that being said... I'm going to be thankful for the captured memories I have post-crash, and get around to updating the blog now... ^^ As promised in the last entry, I present our hilariously pathetic attempts to produce something rhythmically appealing... it sounded better in person since our ears were ringing and we couldn't hear anything!

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