Monday, April 07, 2008

Lighting your mouth on fire (with chicken)

Had dinner in Insadong (인사동) again tonight, but en route to our next destination, the guys made two pits stops for tako ball and egg bread (love that about Korea), and they were still hungry ^^ so in lieu of coffee, we had...

불닭! I suppose you can translate this as "fire chicken?" Sure, it may look harmless to the naked eye... but whew, it's a load of spiiiiiicccyyyy funnnn!

On another note, I'm officially moved in to my new place! ^^ I feel guilty calling it a place, it's more like a walk in storage closet, close to the size of our lanai in Hawaii. This will be an interesting "experience," but at least now I can cook, have central AC and cable TV, and am closer to the subway station and 2 floors away from a friend in the same building... heck, I survived Warren Towers - I can live anywhere, right? ; )

Look what I dug up from last year... ^^ COME BACK TO KOREA!!

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GG said...

Aw, that is so cute! How'd you get the old photo of us?