Thursday, April 03, 2008

Making memories, veggie bulgogi, and an appreciation for art

A couple more weeks and I'll easily hit the 2K photo mark in Korea, but somehow it's never enough. Memories begin once experience ends, and the best way to capture it in your heart is to first capture it on camera! ^^

Point being, I've been slacking a bit on the photos lately... e.g. Unfortunately, I won't be able to visually showcase some amazing culinary experiences like the dak dori tang set from last night's dinner, our baked cheesecake with flakes of gold, my hazelnut-caramel-mocha-whipped-cream-with-something-heavenly drink, etc. Sad.

I enjoy flipping through old photos of streets, buildings, food, friends, family, cars, clothes, books, you name it - they all tell a story, and that's where the reminiscing starts - random moments that sparked amusement, laughter, warm and fuzzies, awkwardness, pain, learnings, joy, and so on and so forth.

I also have this theory that all the people in the photos will thank me 10, 15, 20 years from now... ^^
  • "Look, kids, this is when Daddy had hair on his head..."
  • "Sweetie, this is how I met your mother." (Hmm... I think I already have a couple pictures like that for a certain couple! ^^)
  • "Wow, how did I fit into those jeans?!"
  • "I remember that time! Those were good times..."
Ha ha, I'm getting ahead of myself, but it's often the simplest run-ins, actions, and conversations that I've come to appreciate the most. Realization that the littlest moments are part of what make us happy and keep us going is quite a nice feeling... because it's achievable. ^^

All of that having been said, here are a few moments from today that I'll download onto paper and will hopefully still be able to vividly recall when I hit 30 one day. Scary thought! I still remember being 5, and asking myself, "How did I get here (on earth)? How come I don't remember my life that far back? Wonder what it'll be like when I'm big..." Five was so long ago, yet somehow feels like yesterday, and I can't quite explain why... o_O


Another trip to Insadong for a change of pace and scenery...

We did a lot of walking...

Browsed many of the cute little restaurants and cafes...

Ran into a little sakura... It's almost that time of the year...

Also checked out a handful of modern art galleries...
Thankfully I had a self proclaimed art genius with me and there were too many hilarious quotables that I have to mention a few. (Ok, maybe they're not really that funny, and you just had to be there, but somehow I find things to be more amusing in Korean.)

I wonder why the artist decided to paint this mountain red?
It's because... it's his favorite color.

Yeah, I think with certain pieces, you can appreciate it because you can relate to it, and you feel emotion that you can't always explain...
When I look at paintings, I think... "Wow, they must have worked really hard," and "Why can't they just take a picture of the scenery? They don't have to paint it!"

I think the men are burnt out and depressed in this piece... because of their monotonous office jobs.
I think they all went drinking together and had a little too much.

Oh, check out the painting in the store window... what do you think?
Why couldn't he have just taken a picture of it?
Because his camera died.

At a toy museum...
This couple... they're mad.
But they just got married.
That's why.

The best hoddeok (호떡) I've had so far... What is hoddeok, you ask? Imagine a fresh, pan fried, hot, crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside pancake stuffed with a sweet, nutty, slightly gooey, oozing brown sugar concoction in the middle... and, um, oddly enough, a random green pea?

But dinner takes the cake. We decided to try a little vegetarian restaurant (woot!) we came across in an alley.

They make you take your shoes off... and it's quite pretty...

The highlight of my night... SOY BULGOGI. Although I'm not sure what was more enjoyable... the dish itself, or the reaction on KH's face after trying it. ㅋㅋ

Wouldn't mind going back for seconds!

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