Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't bowl

Apparently I've been holding the ball the wrong way for my entire bowling career, and NO ONE TOLD ME. What's up with that, folks? It's almost as bad as having a big red chili pepper flake stuck between your two front teeth without anyone so much as hinting, "Hey, you might want to check on that..." I think we Americans should take a tip or two from the Korean stereotype... unreserved candidness can be a good thing. ^^

I even got booed by a first-timer. Tough crowd. ^^;; I laugh every time I see this.


MiuMiu said...

thank god i found your blog!
i'm new to seoul...as an english teacher and i've been eating the same damn thing for the past 2 months....pasta...pizza... shinpo woori mandoo, homeplus food court and sandwiches. yummy....
a few weeks ago, I tried to find the little tokyo, but failed miserbly. I got off at ichon station and didn't know where the heck to walk, so i just went to the museum to take some pictures. could you possibly post some more detailed directions on how to find it?
i'm sooooo gonna be readin up on all your seoul goodies tonight..hahaha.

Cheri said...

If memory serves me right, after getting off the subway, you'll want to take Exit 3 and walk towards the river. "Little Tokyo" is a generous name... it's more like a little street scattered with a couple Japanese markets and restaurants. I wish I had some landmarks or better directions to give you, but your best bet is to ask around if you're comfortable with it. Try asking for the Samik Shopping Mall and people should be able to point you in the right direction!

MiuMiu said...

Thanks so much! I'm gonna try to find that mini street this weekend haha.