Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last shoutouts (for a bit)

To 엄마 & 정재...

And this one, I suppose, to me...? ㅎㅎ

Airport goodbyes always suck. Thanks to my fam and friends for seeing me off. I'll never forget my "last" Korean meal... chicken buh-guh with fries and a coke. Yum.

Gotta catch another plane in a few hours... even though I may be stateside, I'll still be bloggin' away! ^^

1 comment:

veronica said...

you had BK on ur last meal in the motherland? awwwww... actually, i had mcdonalds the other time. haha. i'm so envious! i want to go home asap too. :[

its been awhile i wrote a comment hasn't it? remember the intern? or has it been ages already?

anyhows, please dont post an in&out picture. haha. :]