Monday, March 31, 2008

You just had to be there

Today has definitely been filled with a handful of those "you just had to be there" moments, which I'm jotting down for my own recollection.
  • Hawaii Aunty Mina will be in Seoul... tonight!
  • Talked to Josh from jr. high (!!), who decided to move to Korea, and called from Incheon Airport to let me know he arrived. It went something like this: "Hi Cheri, I moved to Korea." I appreciate the spontaneity.
  • Randomly chatted with Josh from elem days, who spoke of a thing called chocolate covered ddeok?! Seriously?
  • Conversation with Josh #2 also led to side-tracked thoughts of Ithaka...
  • Saw this kid from Mongolia who, especially from a side profile, looks just like Kenny!
  • Spent a little too much time reminiscing over restaurants, after adding 131 "already dined," 11 "want to dines," and 23 "favorites" to my new Facebook application (and I'm nowhere close to done). Wondered how much money I've spent dining out over the past 5 years and concluded that I had better stop calculating - it's a really scary thought. ; )
  • Thought about all the potential SJ has this week to dine at a celebrity chef picking of his choice! Thomas Keller's Bouchon perhaps? One of Emeril's eats? Nobu? Joel Robuchon? Alex Strada? I guess there *is* a part of American life that I miss... come to think of it, my next culinary vacay should probably be Vegas...
Lotsa !!'s for one day... I guess my life really isn't that exciting... time to get back to work.

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Grace said...

the next time you come to boston, let's go to grotto. i think it's the best food in the city :-)