Sunday, March 30, 2008

The food challenge

When the words "buffet" and "Cheri" are found in the same sentence, 80% of the time, you'll also see "sore stomach" and "regret" alongside.

I take "all you can eat" a little too literally, and should remember that as a "young lady," it's probably not as cool or proper to out-eat a guy (and attempt to brag about it) anymore. ^^;;

Here we go... YS (top photo) vs. C (bottom photo)!

Round 1 - Cheri gets off to a competitive start, defying all odds and adding pasta to the mix before having a chance to question, "Hmm, why is there spaghetti in a sushi buffet line?"

Round 2 - Cheri should probably stop eating at this point... but forges on like a trooper!

Round 3 - Defeat. YS wins.

It might be wiser of me to stick to sushi on a conveyor belt like we did in Suwon... ^^

Speaking of which, had some good ol' home cookin' while I was there this past week.

Sukmo's japchae (잡채)...

Imo's dak dori tang (닭도리탕)...

And her nameless crab dish... (Well, I didn't eat this one obviously.)

But I did try mussels again for the second time, with SJ again! It was a comp dish, or as the Koreans call it, "seoh-bis" (service).

Tuna kimchee jjigae (참치 김치찌개).

Kimchee jun (김치전).

Red Mango pit stop...

On another note, I learned a new Korean word. We went to
Mr. Pizza tonight, and YH described my eating habits as "편식". I'm really not that picky... but I felt guilty we couldn't order one of the more extravagant combo pizzas since I'm a 편식하는 사람 haha... but hey, as long as the crust is stuffed with sweet potato, there's nothing to complain about. ^^

What was even more interesting was dessert - black sesame seed ice cream (!!!) from Baskin Robbins. ^^

I swallowed it pretty quickly since they wouldn't let us into M Zone, a Samsung gadget playroom in the COEX Mall, with our cones. Check out my future entertainment room... I'm going to steal the pod and mirror concept!

I apologize for the inarticulateness... I'm about to pass out from all the food... time to hit the sack!

PS. Thank you for the li hing mango, 엄마 and 아빠! 맛있게 먹을께요! ^^


Grace said...

pizza stuffed with sweet potato!!! please add that to my list of things to bring back from korea. thank you.

Richard said...

"and should remember that as a "young lady," it's probably not as cool or proper to out-eat a guy"

As a random guy...I like it when a girl isnt afraid to out eat a guy! I dont think guys like it when you go out to a nice restaurant and the girl only orders a small side salad!

Actually I have been to Korea for 13 weeks in the last year. And everytime I go out with friends that are girls, they always out eat me. Its funny, these girls weigh about the same as my left leg and eat twice as much as I do! I dont know how they do it!

Anonymous said...

what the heck is li hing mango? is this what happens when you live in japanese infested hawaii?